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Why do we implement a whistleblower channel?
In the focus of promoting integrity and reliability, YASKAWA EMEA Group emphasizes open communication. Even in an environment of honesty and loyalty, there might be occasions in which people feel more comfortable using an independent channel for securing their anonymity in reporting sensitive information. For this reason, we offer a reporting platform on which people have the option of reporting anonymously or can leave their contact details.
Who can report issues?
Each employee of the YASKAWA EMEA Group – either under permanent or temporary work contract – is invited to use this channel.
What issues can be reported?
With the Whistleblower channel we would like to avoid damages by breaches of law. Therefore only violations of law or internal regulations must be reported. This comprises among others breaches of competition law, financial irregularities, false information to public authorities, data leakage, damage to the environment, non-compliance with workplace safety, sexual harassment, etc. 

If you are in doubt if the incidence can be reported, please file a case. You will receive feedback. If appropriate we might refer you to a different communication channel.
How can an issue be reported?
You can report an issue through the internet portal https://yaskawa.whistleblowernetwork.net or via an App which you can download free of charge either from the Apple App Store or Google Play. When you search for the download, please make sure you use “YASKAWA Compliance” as search word. It is not possible to submit a report by other means, e.g. sending an e-mail to the person in charge of the whistleblower system. This is due to the fact that the report might contain confidential personal information which should not be transmitted unencrypted through the internet. 

It is possible to enter into an anonymous dialogue with the person investigating the reported issue. When a person submits a report, he/she is given the option to log in anonymously at a later time in the system and see if the investigation team has asked additional questions to the case or asked for supplementary documentation. Any subsequent dialogue is 100% anonymous and is based solely on the whistleblower’s willingness to log into the system and answer the examiner’s questions.
What will happen if I lost my case number and/or password?
If you lost your case number and/or password, file a new report. There is no possibility for restoring your password.
Who manages the reports?
An independent investigation team inside YASKAWA EMEA Group will receive the reports.
Will my report be treated confidentially?
Yes, your information will be treated strictly confidential. Primarily, you decide whether to disclose your identity or remain anonymous. Any information will remain on this platform and will only be disclosed if the law so requires. 

In this case, the data can only be decrypted by involving the investigation team. No other people will have access or administration rights.

In this context we remind you to make sure that your identity is not accidentally disclosed by making inferring statements like “after x years in this department, I have never seen…” This might enable conclusion to your identity.
What will happen if my suspicion turns out baseless?
If you report was filed in good faith, your position will not be prejudiced in any way whatsoever. In case of deliberate misuse of the whistleblower system, YASKAWA EMEA Group reserves the right – in line with the applicable laws- to take disciplinary or legal action.
Will I receive a reward if my report protected from risk and saved money for the YASKAWA EMEA Group?
We will be most grateful for your thoughtful cooperation. However, a reward cannot be granted.